Alarming Times 


Do you think you are aware of what's going on around you on a daily basis?


Are you aware we all live in slavery to the few??


Do you want to be aware??


Does it matter? 

 If you're happy to live in a blinkered world

 then this is not the site for you.

If you have ever told yourself

"There must be more to life than this!",

then perhaps you can learn a little more about what life could be...

...and is.... on.........


If you find any of the above points are of interest then you are sure to find information here that will allow you to see the world we live in for what it

REALLY IS.......


  • We deserve the truth. 


  • We are not aware that we are slaves.


  • This world is controlled by bankers not governments.


  • The cure for cancer has been known for many years.


  • Money is an illusion



Put the pieces together for yourself 



In my life I have told myself that "There must be more to life than this" on more than one occaision, and I know that there are many others who have thought just like me.

You see, I believe that the Human Race is special!  I find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that we are born, work, struggle....... and then die.  But the world that we live in doesn't allow for much more than that for most people.  I truly believe that there is a purpose to being and I don't believe that the life that we find ourselves living is IT.

I began to research some of the questions that i found myself asking and after just a very short while I have learned the most extraordinary facts that have changed my outlook on life completely.

Are you aware we are heading towards a New World Order?  Do you know what New World Order is??  Will you be happy to be enslaved?

There are so many different parts to the puzzle that is the world we live in.

The intention of this website is to share as much of the information that I have discovered with as many people as I can, and .......I'll help to show you where the pieces are, you make the puzzle. 

I believe that unless the people of the world are made aware of our actual situation that nothing will change.

Knowledge is power

Don't take my word for anything , I found it out for myself.....and you can do your own research.

You owe it to your children and their children to understand the big picture.....

and spread the news


I am always interested in the views of others. 

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