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I am 50 years old, female, Scottish and living in East Anglia, and over the past twelve months I have become aware of facts that have ultimately changed my whole outlook on the world to such an extent that I feel it is my duty to inform as many others as possible that there is more going on in this world that meets the eye.

I think that I have lived a "normal" life for the most part, although since I only have my life to judge by....what's normal??  Anyway I went to school for the appropriate period of time and then into employment, marriage, children and the seemingly endless struggle that is daily life.

Now that the children have all grown up and flown the nest I find myself with more time to think, (whether or not this is a good thing is open to debate) and to reaffirm that "there must be more to life than this".

My first interest was sparked at an early age by spiritual experiences and this was what made me aware that all that you can see is not all that's there, and I have been aware of that fact since then.  The next thing that I became aware of was the existence of so-called U.F.O's, and then I became aware that even though there had been many, many reportings that none of them, not even the well-known ones like Roswell, had ever been confirmed by any of the relative agencies.  Suspicion.

Now I find myself with time to research certain events on my own behalf and, at the age of 50, am wishing that I knew all this a lot sooner.  I feel that the real facts about what's going on all around the world are not wholly available to the masses and that the more outlets there are for this kind of information, the better.

I would just like to finish by saying that regardless of what people might say

I'm not a raving nutter

 only a person who thinks the average person deserves to know that we as a race have rights, and one of those is a right to the truth.

Please be patient with me and this site as there is such a lot of information to include...........



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