Codex Alimentarius


Is this the first time you have heard of

Codex Alimentarius? 

 Believe me you are not alone. 

I had never heard this term mentioned in the "free press".  If you've read the section and watched the clips on The Illuminati, then you will now be aware that the Illuminati have an agenda......New World Order, and the "free press" are not really free to report on the true facts as they affect us. 

Part of this agenda is population reduction and Codex Alimentarius is part of their way of implementing this plan.

Basically, as I understand this, they believe that the best way to help reduce the population is by affecting the general health of the people.  This is being done, on a daily basis, to us all. Just remember the chem-trails.....

Codex Alimentarius was instigated in 1962 and brought into being in 2009. Since then we have been forced to eat meat that has been treated with growth hormones, and drink water polluted with fluoride.  Genetically modified seeds are being "given" to failing third-world countries.  

We are also seeing natural homeopathic remedies being made illegal. 

The real cure for illnesses continue to be ridiculed. 

 This plan was conceived 45 years ago!!

Many nutritional scientists have declared that the Genetically Modified produce will result in many illnesses and diseases, and ultimately many deaths. 

We cannot avoid the poisons we are being subjected to!  It's up to us to put pressure on the people who are responsible for this....and make them STOP!!

As usual, this has all been ignored by the mainstream media who failed to report this issue to the general public with any great investigative truth.  They print what they are told to print

  The reason they haven't told us?

If we knew we might object.

We need to be aware that the food they have insisted is now produced is having a detrimental effect on our health. 

We need to be aware that they add fluoride to our water to "dumb us down" and NOT to give us healthier teeth as has been promoted by the powers that be.


 Shouldn't we have the right

to clean air, water and healthy food? 

Isn't that a basic human right

to which we are all



Please research Codex Alimentarius for yourself, I'm sure that what you discover will shock you beyond belief.


There are many, many clips available on this subject on, too many to include on this site but all freely available to view. 

 It's your duty to find out what's going on!


If this has shocked you.....fluoride in our water etc, then you need to see how else they can affect the water supply. 

Would you be surprised to know that some people can set their water alight??


Yeah Really...



And help us stop them!


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