Con Trails or Chem Trails? 


Summer day, bright blue sky........ and then a plane passes overhead, leaving behind a trail in the sky, a con-trail, which disappears shortly after the flight passes.

Ah, those were the days!

The next time you see a plane flying in a clear blue sky, take the time to watch the trail it leaves behind.  Does it disappear as in days gone by?


No it does not.

The trails that are left behind in the sky do not dissipate as they used to. 

Why not?

 We have exchanged our harmless con-trails for very, very harmful


The trails in our skies are no longer purely condensation released by the plane in the sky, but are harmful toxins which are being released into the stratosphere.

These toxins include

  • alluminium
  •  barium 
  •  strontium

 all of which are harmful to humans, animals and plant life.



 Did anyone ask whether you mind being sprayed with toxic chemicals on a daily basis??

You don't need to be a genius too see this at work.

On a clear day, take a photo of the sky above your house at 6 a.m., then again at 9 a.m., again at midday, 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

You will see that early in the morning the sky is clear and blue. As the flights cross the sky during the day they will leave trails behind them. These no longer dissipate but spread out and fall downwards towards US. Before long there is no more blue sky as it is blocked out by the thin white whispy trails which remain in the sky.





New World Order??




 Chemtrails over Rendlesham, Suffolk (1st April 2012)



Do we deserve to know the truth??

Of course we DO!!

Demand answers from your M.P.s 

Ask them if this is part of the population reduction plan??


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