Medical Cures - The Truth 


What's really in these products??

What's really in these products?? 

 Do they really work or is there something better?? 

We all know that in the last 60 years science and technology has advenced in leaps and bounds.  There have been many great inventions and discoveries over the last few decades but it amazes me that no one has yet found a cure for cancer, one of the deadliest diseases known to man. 

Or have they??

The "usual" course of treatment for cancer is chemotherapy etc.

Chemotherapy kills more people than it cures and it's legal medication.

Marijuana cures cancer (proven fact) but it's an illegal drug.

Make Sense?? 


If you have seen the section on this site regarding Codex Alimentarius and The Illuminati then you will be aware that there is an ongoing agenda for population reduction. 

What better way to reduce the population than through natural causes such as illness??  If people get sick and there is no cure then they die, that's one less person to worry about.  Then does it seem plausible that they might even hide a cure for some diseases should they have one?? 

Surely not.........



There are many documentaries on the known cures for cancer and other diseases available to view on Please do your own research!


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