Money - an illusion 


Did you know that the money you carry around with you in your pocket is basically worthless, it is only a pice of paper?


I remeber as a child looking at a ten pound note and reading "....promises to pay the bearer Ten Pounds Sterling", our banknotes no longer have those words, "Sterling" has disappeared  (apart from in Scotland apparently - my daughter checked one of hers).  The note now ".....promises to pay the bearer Ten Pounds". ...... O.K.   ...........Ten Pounds of what??

The short answer to that question is nothing. 

 It gives us a promise to pay us nothing some time in the future.

Would we get out of bed in the morning and work 40+ hours per week if we knew that the money we made was actually a promise worth absolutely nothing? 

And that whatever you spend your money on is also paid for with a give someone absolutely nothing at a later date! 

 Money is the way that the powers that be enslave us for life.

Right, I realise tha this is difficult for you to get your head around...

It was for me too. 

It all begins with......


Bankers create money out of thin air. 

Those same bankers then lend that money at interest, therefore creating more money. They also lend the same money more than once, in most cases up to nine times!! (That's called Fractional Reserve Banking)



Customer goes into bank looking for a loan of £1,000

Bank agrees loan and interest payments

The bank then creates the money you want to borrow.....this is an amount created on a computer screen, and nothing more.                                         

Already from the £1,000 the bank can make £1,200 charging 20% interest (another £200 created from nothing)

And when you deposit that amount in another bank, they then can lend that amount  again and again at interest to other borrowers...........

loans made from original £1,000     -     £1,000     -     £1,000

                                                                        £  900     -     £1,900

                                                                        £  800     -     £2,700

                                                                        £  700     -     £3,400

                                                                        £  600     -     £4,000

                                                                        £  500     -     £4,500

                                                                        £  400     -     £4,900

                                                                        £  300     -     £5,200

                                                                        £  200     -     £5,400

                                                                         £  100    -     £5,500


So from the original customers loan of £1,000 the bank has created £5,500 loan money from nothing, and they will loan it all at interest creating even more money!!  And if anyone that you have paid with that money then deposits it into their own bank account, then the whole loan system begins again.........

 Amazing isn't it?

And the reason??  It is to enslave the population. 

The amount of interest that has accumulated from the created money never existed, therefore it will never be possible for this to be repaid, and the banks will then begin to repossess the assets of the borrower. 

 Eventually the bankers will own everything that is yours. 

That is the only possible outcome from the Fractional Reserve banking system that controls our lives.



 This video is a must and explains what money really is, so although it is quite a lengthly video, please watch....

John Harris - Freeman 

John has seen it all for what it is........

watch his take on the money-ruling corporations of this country (of which your parliament is one)

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