New World Order


 The Illuminati Bloodline

The Rockerfellers 


It seems to me that the wealth that exists in this world is very unfairly shared. 

On a daily basis millions of people die through lack of food and clean drinking water and yet there are others in this world who have more wealth than they could ever need.

Does this seem fair to you??

Have you ever wondered how the richest people got their wealth, and more to the point, why they allow others to starve??

The answer is: 




The simplest way to explain what the Illuminati is:

The powerful elite of the world who control the lives of all others. 

The Illuminati are members of powerful families who have come from the same 13 original bloodlines over many, many years.  This fact can be checked. 

 They consist of Royalty, Politicians, Bankers and Corporation owners. Names that come to mind immediately are Rockerfeller, Bush, Rothschild and so it goes on.....

 They are the richest people on the planet and because of this they control almost everything

  • Banks
  • Governments
  • Media  

Money is power.

They hold secret meetings.

The topics discussed at these secret meetings e.g. Bilderburg Group, no doubt will affect each and every one of us.  Of course, they don't want you to know what's going on.  They don't want to give you a chance to complain.  They don't want you to have a say in your life, the lives of your children or your grandchildren.

 They want you to lie down and roll over.  Will you?

I know, you've heard of the Illuminati but you don't believe they exist.  

How else can the unfairness in this world be explained if there is not a powerful body that controls who has and who has not??

They have an agenda.....and it's frightening. 

If they achieve what they are planning we will have

  • a one world government
  • a world army (the U.N.)
  • one religion 
  • a population reduction of 90%

(they want a population of only 500 million), and those who survive the cull will be fed with genetically modified food products (which they have already introduced into world markets), we will be micro-chipped and will be keep in "smart people centres". 

If you think that this is just another

"Conspiracy Theory"

(and that's what they would like you to believe)

Watch the videos....


Convinced yet? 

There is lots of information available to view regarding the Illuminati on the internet.  Please don't stop at watching only these

 please do more research on your own

........the truth IS out there

but you must discover it on your own.......

Their agenda can only work if they succeed in keeping us in the dark......

Don't let that happen!

Spread the word!!

add these video links to your facebook page or twitter



 Be aware of what is going on and don't just accept it.....only we can change things.

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